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Call us:
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At the heart of what we do, we still like to see ourselves as the high-school romantics who do it all merely out of passion, and where forced marriages are simply a thing of the past. So right when we get down to business, it stands imperative for us to determine some sweet answers on the questions of sustainability.

Only those who work together as one single team get to accomplish good things.

And to be a team, what lies more essential than having each other’s hearts and backs at all times?

Our Process

Our Working Process

Getting to know
Serious Crush
Proposing you
Tying the knot
'Till death do us part'

Let’s say yes to a blind date with us. It is here that we sit down with you, face-to-face for the first time. We let coffee do its magic and do not really care about the time it takes sitting there with you. We are open to knowing everything about you and your brand. At the same time, we open up about our past relationships, and what we learnt and accomplished from them. It is here that we look for that spark between us which could lock us both in for the long haul.

Having done all that we could in knowing you better, having already ‘stalked’ your social media profiles and in this case, your website too, by now, we know for certain that now we are keen on taking this a notch further with you.

So this phase begins with us more urged in understanding you even better. Just so that we could stretch time a little more from the previous occasion, we might even order a full-sized coffee this time round. Nevertheless, we would now strive to understand, in depth, your challenges and your struggles as a brand. It is here that we try, in our minds, to develop some rationality between who you exist as, who you seek to be, and that whether
we’d make a good fit in getting you there. This phase concludes with us understanding your particular short and long term goals for your brand.

About time that we sit on our knees to nurture some tailor-made solutions. This includes crafting detailed proposals pertaining to designing, branding, marketing and anything else that your challenges may require. We would also draft payment plans which cater to your specific budgetary constraints. Furthermore, we would then resort to defining some terms and conditions, not for you but for us itself, along with any periodic benchmarks which could serve as identifiers for us to establish that we get to stay on track within our entire relationship from here onwards.

Finally, this phase concludes when you stand fully satisfied in saying ‘yes’.

We make it official. It is here when we formally seal it with a contract and now bring to life what we had imagined for us together. Of course, now that includes us working even harder and extra-hours to provide for you all that we had promised. We’ll fulfill our dreams together and then stand behind you, proudly clapping, as we see you grow and accomplish more in life. Just like the good partner, we will ensure that we always get to be there to lend a listening ear to your everyday struggles, enrich you with strength to take them head-on and to celebrate with you for each successive milestone that you achieve, which we had planned together.

No, we are not polygamous at heart. Remember we said we are in for the long haul with you? We’ll stay with you for as long as you would wish. Even if it means more than a single lifetime. We’ll keep developing newer ventures together, and perhaps some babies too. Technically, this phase never concludes. Our magical process is just forever long.

Forever… as we said.


Not Just Getting It Done Getting It Done Right

Think of us as your go-to fast-food restaurant. Crisp-cut, crinkle-cut, waffle-cut, curly, cajun-styled or wedged fries. We offer them all. Handpicked. All at once. Simply put, we’ll grab you an idea that suits your taste and needs. We too hate that shoe which was created to fit just everyone and never actually did.

Brands we’ve collaborated with team.


See It For A Moment From Our LENS.


Hit us. Ping us. Nag us.

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